We provide specialized consulting psychiatric and advisory services primarily focused on medication management that add value and augment the care of in-house clinics and health care services.

  • Mental health program to augment Employee Assistance Program
  • Partner with on-site/in-house care clinics with co-location on site or linkage via telemedicine
  • Provide diagnosis, psychosocial assessment, and suggested direction for treatment
  • Interview each participating patient as often as deemed appropriate
  • Prescribe and supervise each patient’s psychiatric medication
  • Provide consultation with in-house primary care providers
  • Specialty care consult with primary care house staff and improved quality of service

A valuable member of your mental health team

Does your organization need help with mental health treatment training? Do you need an expert you can trust with orienting or training staff on important practices? Contact us to see how we’ve helped our many partner organizations thrive with their mental health programs.